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Songlines review of SOLO and Quickfire Q&A

A huge thank you to Songlines for this lovely review of SOLO and also for giving me the chance to tell a little bit about some of my favourite musicians and albums at the moment. Every one of the people mentioned is someone I just can't listen to enough. The genres extend from free improvised violin to traditional music, from electronic music to hymns and classical music. And these are only the tip of my music-listening iceberg. Thank goodness for fantastic music and inspiring musicians.

"Still there isn't a single track here that isn't beautiful in its own way; listening to her violin is like breathing in a lungful of cool, clean air."

Songlines SOLO review Sarah-Jane Summers April 2018 1/2

Songlines SOLO review Sarah-Jane Summers April 2018 2/2
Songlines Quickfire Q&A Sarah-Jane Summers April 2018 1/2

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