The SISKIN Quartet is a meeting of two well-established folk music duos, Swedish-English 'Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson' and Scottish-Finnish 'Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola'. Here, their respective and rich traditions meet, framed within the theme of migratory birds. The folk music world is full of references to birds and this theme will be further examined through their own compositions.  Migratory birds is something every touring musician can identify with to a certain degree, but even more so in this constellation due to the fact Bridget, Sarah-Jane and Juhani have all settled in a new country. The siskin is a small migratory bird with a beautiful song which can be found in, amongst others, The UK and Scandinavia. The name ‘siskin’ is reminiscent of ‘søsken / syskon’, meaning ‘sibling’, further highlighting the connections between all peoples of the world.


05 Apr -  Klubb Ankaret, Gothenburg

23 Feb - Umefolk, Umeå

22 Feb - Stallet, Stockholm

08 Feb - Riksscenen, Oslo

 © 2017 Sarah-Jane Summers

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