"a howling gale, brilliantly executed" (The Wire)

Sarah-Jane's extremely diverse skills on fiddle, viola and Hardanger fiddle have led her to perform at rock, jazz, folk, country, contemporary, noise/experimental festivals worldwide with artists as diverse as Canadian contemporary string quartet Quatuor Bozzini, Norwegian trumpet improviser Hilde Marie Holsen, leading Norwegian vocalist Susanna Wallumrød, accordion maestro Frode Haltli, and top pop band Highasakite.

SOLO, her completely solo album of traditional fiddle & Hardanger fiddle was released to rave reviews:

"dazzling folk virtuoso" (The Strad)

VIRR, her album of free improvisations on viola and fiddle, was Fiona Talkington's Album of the Year 2017, BBC Radio 3's Late Junctionalongside names such as Björk and Kendrick Lamar:

"a howling gale, brilliantly evoked" (The Wire)

 "ranging from avant garde classical music over eerie folk to harsh, intense outbursts of free jazz...a unique album" (Merchants of Air)

Kalopsia, her follow-up to VIRR, was released in 2019:

"combines distortion, madness and fairylike tonalities" (Nitestylez)

"Summers' rustling, cacophonous, scraping, or alarmingly booming sound patterns and zigzagging leaps in strings, with which she staggers between dream and wakefulness, twitches between sadness, delusion, homesickness and surrender, or remembering, oblivion and silence" (Bad Alchemy)

 © 2017 Sarah-Jane Summers

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