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The Wire & Late Junction

Super chuffed to get this great review from The Wire!

"a no holds barred collection of free improvisations...a fine album" (The Wire, Clive Bell)

Thanks to Alasdair Campbell from Glasgow's 'Counterflows' festival for the heads up about the review. (If you don't already know about it, do check out Counterflows, a great festival of underground, experimental and international music, which runs from 5-8th April 2018).

You can read the whole review here:

…. Summers straddles the worlds of Highland fiddling and contemporary composition (working with The Bozzini Quartet), and has relocated from Inverness to Oslo. But Virr is a no holds barred collection of free improvisations, shifting fluently from the tumbling glissandi patterns of the title track to the lyricism of “Vender” (all Summers’s titles are Scots words derived from Old Norse). Much of the album has the dark tone of her viola, and Summers is particularly good at delicate variations of tone colour from a fuzzy, breathing sound to the gritty gnash of a bow chomping hard on gut. “Katrisper” is a howling gale, brilliantly evoked with a calm hand and no histrionics. This is a fine album, with a northern tang but a warm heart.

Clive Bell, The Wire

Also a massive thank you to Fiona Talkington for playing TIRL, the first track of the album, on my all-time favourite radio programme, Late Junction, on Thursday last week. You might also want to check out Wednesday's Late Junction, in which they played Juhani's 'Sacrificial Dance' from his recently-released album "Imaginary Archives vol. 1: Ritual Music From Nameless Civilisations".

"exquisite album" (Fiona Talkington, Late Junction, BBC Radio 3)

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