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Dag og Tid feature about Sarah-Jane & VIRR

I am featured in this week's edition of the Norwegian newspaper, Dag og Tid. For those of you who don't read Norwegian, it tells all sorts of little-known facts about me, for example, that I got bagpipe lessons at school, that I have a degree in Law and Gaelic (thanks to Brexit, my European Law degree will soon be more out of date than ever!), that The Norwegian State Academy of Music didn't want to give me an audition to study a masters because my bachelor degree wasn't in a relevant subject (they did eventually give me an audition, let me in and ended up giving me a masters degree), that my parents met pretty much at the northernmost tip of mainland Norway, that I truly loved my fiddle teacher, Donald Riddell, and that it doesn't stress me one iota if the public doesn't like the music on VIRR:

- Were you afraid that the public wouldn't accept your music?

- That is like asking if I was afraid that people wouldn't accept me. Life is about being real, also towards yourself. It's ok with me if people don't wish to accept that. I believe that it will strike a chord with someone. I am looking for something that has fewer boundaries than traditional folk music, even though I truly love it. Not everything fits into 4, 8 or 16 bars.

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