The third album from Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola.


Sarah-Jane Summers - fiddle

Juhani Silvola - guitar / piano



01 Dàn Fhraoich

02 Number 81

03 Loisg Iad Gual io-uo

04 The Herring Reel

05 Taivaankannen Halki

06 Borrowed Days

07 ’S Cian ’s Gur Fad Tha Mi m’ Thàmh

08 The Smoky Smirr o’ Rain

09 Polskat (Rinda-Nickola)

10 Kummitädin Valssi

11 Tha m’ Aigne fo Ghruaim


Recorded at Ugla Lyd by Morten Qvenild

Mixed by Morten Qvenild & Juhani Silvola

Mastered by Helge Sten


Cover photo © Archie MacFarlane

Design Helen Wyllie


Release date 21/05/21. All pre-orders will be posted out from 2nd April.


*** Please note that, due to environmental concerns, this CD is not shrink-wrapped. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting our small steps towards protecting the environment. ***


The Smoky Smirr o Rain (CD)