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Sarah-Jane Summers - fiddle & Hardanger fiddle


Solo traditional fiddle & Hardanger fiddle.


Track list:

1. Lath' a' siubhal sleibhe dhombh (On a day as I traversed the mountain)

2. When You've Hooked Him Hold Him Fast set

3. Lament for King George V

4. Oran An Aoig (The Song of Death)

5. Are You Always Pleased Set

6. Lament for Alexander Grant (Battan)

7. Huldrelått frå Vang 

8. Scott Skinner's Welcome to Inverness / Donald MacLean

9. Morning Prayer

10. A Young Lady's Panegyrik on Her Lover set

11. Cumha Mhic a h-Arasaig (MacIntosh's Lament, Pibroch)




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