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Solo viola / Hardanger fiddle / fiddle


"very modern, avant-garde soloing ... barely recognizable as emanating from a violin ... her art is so strong that despite the shortness of the improvisation, she manages to make it compelling and gripping."
(Stef, Free Jazz Blog)
"Through fourteen striking violin pieces, including viola and Hardanger fiddle, she creates moments of great musical presence"
(Audun Vinger, JazzNytt)
"To say this is a showcase for extended technique would be putting it mildly. I’ve rarely heard such an array of playing approaches in one place, still less executed with such assurance and lightness of touch. She coaxes astonishing sounds from these instruments ... her music is like a willow tree standing firm against a strong rainstorm."
(Sound Projector)


Kalopsia - The delusion of things being more beautiful than they are.


All tracks © Sarah-Jane Summers

Recording / Mixing - Juhani Silvola

Mastering - Helge Sten

Front Cover Image - Sarah-Jane Summers

Design - Jonas Sjøvaag


With support from FFUK

Kalopsia - solo improvised viola / Hardanger fiddle / fiddle

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