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 © Andreas Ulvo




"wild, adventurous & exciting" (The Glasgow Herald)

Album of the Year 2017(VIRR)

Late Junction BBC Radio 3

A versatile, free-thinking, impassioned performer, Sarah-Jane's unique style blends the lyricism of traditional music with the emotive rawness of improvisation.


A tradition-bearer of the old Highland style of fiddling, she was taught by the late, great Donald Riddell (1908-1992), who learnt his fiddling from a relative of hers, Alexander Grant of Battangorm (1856-1942). She is now based in Norway and holds a masters degree in Norwegian traditional music and free improvisation from The Norwegian State Academy of Music.


Her unique skills have led her to perform at folk, jazz, rock, contemporary music and noise festivals worldwide with some of the biggest names within the Scottish and Norwegian music scenes, including Norwegian pop band Highasakite. She has also performed and recorded with top Canadian contemporary music string quartet, The Bozzini Quartet and was a founder member of the Scottish chamber folk group, RANT, with whom she recorded two albums.


Her duo with her husband, Juhani Silvola, has earnt rave reviews.  Both of their albums received the prestigious Top of the World status from the world music magazine Songlines:


"magnificent...absolute masters of their instruments" (Songlines)

VIRR, her album of solo free improvisations on viola and fiddle, was Album of the Year 2017 on Late Junction, BBC Radio 3:

"a no holds barred collection of free improvisations ... a howling gale, brilliantly evoked ... a fine album" (The Wire)

"ranging from avant garde classical music over eerie folk to harsh, intense outbursts of free jazz...a unique album" (Merchants of Air)

"astonishingly creative" (Northern Sky)

Released on International Women's Day 2018, SOLO saw Sarah-Jane return to her roots and was a highly personal statement:

"dazzling folk virtuoso" (The Strad)

5/5 The Scotsman

Also a composer, Sarah-Jane wrote a New Voices Commission for Celtic Connections 2018, released in 2019:

"a feast of great music" (The Living Tradition)

She also wrote the music for Tha Thu Air Aigeann M'Inntinn, the BBC animation about the Iolaire disaster, and has collaborated with the renowned science/arts duo Semiconductor.

© Jenny Berger Myhre

awards, nominations, recognitions//

SOLO - Album of the Year, The Scots Trad Music Awards 2018 (long list)

VIRR - Album of the Year list 2017, Late Junction


Widdershins - Album of the Year, The Scots Trad Music Awards 2017 (long list)

Widdershins (2016) - awarded Top of the World status from Songlines and 5/5 from fRoots.

Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola (2013) - Top of the World status from Songlines





Scottish, based in Norway



traditional Scottish, improvised, contemporary


favourite things//

rain, wind, dark chocolate, modern art galleries, cryptic crosswords, Le Petit Prince


reading dictionaries, abstract photography,

sewing with tweed





Dell Daisy Records

Eighth Nerve Audio



The Bare Romantic - HIGHASAKITE (2020)


VINJEFOLK (EP) - Vinjefolk (2019)

OWERSET - Sarah-Jane Summers (2019)

KALOPSIA - Sarah-Jane Summers (2019)

BOZZINI+ - Quatuor Bozzini, S-J Summers etc (2018)

SOLO - Sarah-Jane Summers (2018)

VIRR - Sarah-Jane Summers (2017)

Widdershins - Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola (2016)

Reverie - RANT (2016)

Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola (2013)

RANT (2013)

Mala Fama - Summers/Silvola/Kvam(2012)

Highland Strathspeys for Fiddle (Tuition DVD) (2010)

Nesta - Sarah-Jane Summers (2008)

Sarah-Jane also appears on//

Bozzini+ - Quatuor Bozzini, S-J Summers etc (2018)

Songen om Guro - Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt (2017)

Strange Flowers - Juhani Silvola (2016)

Eamiritni - Elin Kåven (2016)

Halley - Comet Kid (Sony Music 2015)

Hvis Blikk Kunne Drepe - Johan Jørgensen (2015)

Skog og Ørken - Steinkast (2015)

Gach Sgeul - Julie Fowlis (2014 as part of RANT)

Babylove - Ingrid Håvik (2013)

Maizan - Elin Kåven (2013)

Wyrd - Brend (2012)

Window's A Fall - Sacred Harp (2011)

We Get Along Like A House On Fire - Like Rats From A Sinking Ship (2011)

Happ - Fribo (2010)

The Ha' o' Habrahellia - Fribo (2007)





HCR19CD Cover 4000RGB Smaller

HCR19CD Cover 4000RGB Smaller

Sarah-Jane Summers - SOLO

Sarah-Jane Summers - SOLO





Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola

Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola

Summers / Silvola / Kvam - Mala Fama

Summers / Silvola / Kvam - Mala Fama

Highland Strathspeys for Fiddle DVD

Highland Strathspeys for Fiddle DVD

Sarah-Jane Summers - NESTA

Sarah-Jane Summers - NESTA






18th Nov - Seljord - with Åsmund Nordstoga/Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt & Summers/Silvola - CANCELLED

10th Nov - Lyngheimtunet - with Åsmund Nordstoga/Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt & Summers/Silvola - CANCELLED

9th Nov - Columbi Egg, Bergen - with Åsmund Nordstoga/Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt & Summers/Silvola - CANCELLED

1st Nov - Moss Kulturhus - with Oslo Kammerorkester & Juhani Silvola - CANCELLED

29th Oct - Riksscenen, Oslo - with Oslo Kammerorkester & Juhani Silvola

23rd Oct - Vinjehuset, 3890 Vinje - with Åsmund Nordstoga/Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt & Summers/Silvola

16th Oct - Victoria, Oslo - with Susanna, Go Dig My Grave

23rd Sept - Ibsenhuset, Skien - with Åsmund Nordstoga/Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt & Summers/Silvola

27-29th Aug - Farsund Folk Festival - with Juhani Silvola

25-31 July - Teaching at Alasdair Fraser's fiddle camp. Sabhal Mór Ostaig, Isle of Skye - CANCELLED

3rd July -  Motvind - with Jonas Cambien - CANCELLED

10th June - Nesodden Kirke, Nesodden - with Kelda Quartet - CANCELLED

13th May - Bærum Kulturhus - Summers/Silvola - CANCELLED

25th April -  Soddjazz - with Susanna Wallumrød, Go Dig My Grave - CANCELLED

14-16th Mar - recording with Ricercar Consort, Belgium

6th Mar - Strømmen Bibliotek - with Kirsti Bakken Kristiansen (Draumkvedet)


14th Feb - Vinterfestalen, Rauland - with Åsmund Nordstoga / Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt

2nd  Feb Les Folles Journées, Nantes - with Ricercar Consort & Maria Keohane

1st  Feb Les Folles Journées, Nantes - with Ricercar Consort & Maria Keohane

24th Jan -  Celtic Connections, Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow - with Susanna Wallumrød, Go Dig My Grave

19th Jan -  Celtic Connections, Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow - Owerset

18th Jan - Celtic Connections, The Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow - GRIT Orchestra

16th Jan - Celtic Connections Opening Concert, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall GRIT Orchestra

16th Jan - Celtic Connections School Concert, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall- GRIT Orchestra

12th Jan - Baroque At The Edge Festival, LSO St. Luke's, London - with Susanna Wallumrød



18th Dec - Christmas Concert, Ishavskatedralen, Tromsø - with Harald Bakkeby Moe

20th July - Vinjerock - with Vinjefolk

5th July - Førdefestivalen (Teltet utenfor Pikante) - with Juhani Silvola

4th July - Førdefestivalen (Jølstramuseet) - with Juhani Silvola


3rd July - Førdefestivalen (Gloppen Hotell, Sandane) - with Juhani Silvola

24th May - Folkemusikkveka i Ål (Jegerstugu, Thon Hotel) - with Vinjefolk

23rd May - Folkemusikkveka i Ål (Kyrkjekonserten) - with Vinjefolk


16th Mar - Hamar Kulturhus, NO - with Juhani Silvola

8th Mar - St. Croix Huset, Fredrikstad, NO - Sarah-Jane Summers' Owerset - Owerset release tour

7th Mar - Riksscenen, Oslo, NO - Sarah-Jane Summers' Owerset - Owerset release tour

6th Mar - Kafe Hærverk, Oslo, NO - guesting with Hilde Marie Holsen & Magnus Bugge

12th Feb - Fizzle, The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham, UK - solo - Kalopsia release tour - cancelled

9th Feb - Frittfall, Oslo, NO - with Hilde Marie Holsen - Kalopsia release tour

26th Jan - Nonfigurativ Musikk, Tønsberg, NO - solo - Kalopsia release tour

22nd Jan - Cafe OTO, London, UK - solo - Kalopsia release tour

21st Jan - Mandagsklubben, Copenhagen, DK - solo - Kalopsia release tour


21st Dec - Nesodden Kirke, Nesodden, NO - Kelda's Christmas

13th Dec - FRIM på Fylkingen, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, 118 25 STOCKHOLM, SE - solo - Kalopsia release tour

3rd Dec - Ni Muser, Trondheim, NO - solo - Kalopsia release tour

26th Nov - Columbi Egg, Bergen, NO - solo

25th Nov - Café Sør, Oslo, NO- with Juhani Silvola & Martin Langlie

18th Nov - The Scots Fiddle Festival, Edinburgh, SCO - with Juhani Silvola

18th Nov - workshop in advanced technique, The Scots Fiddle Festival, The Pleasance, Edinburgh, SCO

8th-11th Nov - Folkelarm, Riksscenen, Oslo, NO - solo

29th Oct-2nd Nov - DKS, Riksscenen, Oslo, NO - with Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt


29th Sep - Musica Divina, Herentals, Belgium - 'Go Dig My Grave' with Susanna Wallumrød, Frode Haltli & Giovanna Pessi

28th Sep - Handelsbeurs, Ghent, Belgium - 'Go Dig My Grave' with Susanna

27th Sep - Rich Mix, London, England - 'Go Dig My Grave' with Susanna

25th Sep - National Concert Hall, Dublin - 'Go Dig My Grave' with Susanna

23rd Sep - Alte Kirkche, Romanshorn, Switzerland - 'Go Dig My Grave' with Susanna

21st Sep - Dokkhuset, Trondheim, Norway - 'Go Dig My Grave' with Susanna

20th Sep - Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, Norway - 'Go Dig My Grave' with Susanna

21st Aug - The GRIT Orchestra, Light on the Shore, Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland

21st Jul - Vinjerock - with Vinjefolk

8th Jul - House concert, Nesodden, Norway - with Juhani Silvola & Ingeborg Christophersen

4th Jul - Katrineholm, Ericsberg, Sweden - with Juhani Silvola

3rd Jul - Eskilstuna, Lagersberg, Sweden - with Juhani Silvola

24th Jun - Bønsnes Kirke, 3530 Røyse, Norway - with Kelda Quartet

21st Jun - Biermannsgården, Oslo, Norway - with Hilde Marie Holsen

2nd Jun - Musikkfest, Schous Kulturbryggeri, Popsenteret, Oslo - with Juhani Silvola & Hans Martin Austestad

16th May - Business for Peace Awards Ceremony, The City Halls, Oslo

15th May - The Norwegian Royal Residency, Norway - with Maren Selvaag & Rohey Taalah

6th Apr - 12.15, Aula, Foajeen i Georg Sverdrups Hus, Oslo University - with Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt

5th Apr - Klubb Ankaret, Gothenburg, Sweden - with SISKIN Quartet

8th Mar - Riksscenen, Oslo, Norway - solo - SOLO album launch

24th Feb - Umeå Festival, Sweden - with SISKIN Quartet

23rd Feb - Stallet, Stockholm, Sweden - with SISKIN Quartet

8th Feb - Riksscenen, Oslo, Norway - with SISKIN Quartet

2nd Feb, 19.30 - Celtic Connections, New Auditorium, Glasgow Royal Concert  Hall - with Juhani Silvola

28th Jan, 13.00 - Celtic Connections New Voices Commission, Strathclyde Suite, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

27th Jan - Celtic Connections, Bothy Culture & Beyond, Grit Orchestra with Danny MacAskill, The SSE Hydro, Glasgow

17th Jan - Bitches Brew, Traverse Theatre, Glasgow - solo improv set


6th-22nd March - Rikskonsertene School Concerts, Norway - with Juhani Silvola

29th March - Rauland, Norway - with Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt

7th April  - Le Gésu, Montréal, Canada - with Bozzini Quartet & Monty Adkins, "Water's Edge"

2nd June - Kulturkirke Jakob, Oslo, Norway - with Solfrid Molland

3rd June - King's Place, London, UK - 'Vindauga | Wind Eye' with Sam Lee, Unni Løvlid, Andreas Utnem, Erlend Apneseth & Juhani Silvola

11th June - Oddnose Festival, Nesodden, Norway - with Juhani Silvola

13th June - Kantorissimo, Nesodden Kirke - A Scottish Ayre - with Ingeborg Christophersen, Gunnar Hauge & Juhani Silvola

17th June - Nepal Festival, Falun, Sweden - with Juhani Silvola


11th July - Kaustinen Folk Festival, Finland (21.00-22.00, Pelimannitalo) - with Juhani Silvola 

12th July - Kaustinen Folk Festival, Finland (15.45-16.30, Iholla Hall) - with Juhani Silvola

27th JulySommarljom 2017 Ørsta, Norway - with Juhani Silvola

19th Aug - Geiteberg Folk Festival, Norway - with Juhani Silvola

1st Sept  - Kulturkirke Jakob, Oslo, Norway - with Solfrid Molland

3rd Sept - 14.00 - Kirkekaffe i Rådhuset, Oslo, Norway - with Solfrid Molland

3rd Sept - 18.00 - Gallakonsett, Kulturkirke Jakob, Oslo, Norway - with Solfrid Molland

7th Sept - 20.00 -  Cappelens Forslag, Bernt Ankers gate 4B, 0183 Oslo - VIRR release concert

15th Sept - Granvin Kulturhus, Seljord - Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt & Summers/Silvola/Kvam

16th Sept - Hølen Kunstcafe, Kolbotn - Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt & Summers/Silvola/Kvam

17th Sept - Hellviktangen, Nesodden- Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinhold & Summers/Silvola/Kvam

22nd Sept - Bellman, Notodden - Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt

23rd Sept - Verdensteateret, Rjukan - Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt

24th Sept - Ælvespeilet, Porsgrunn - Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt


27th Sep - Harald Kihle Galleriet, Horten - Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt

20th Oct - 14.00 - Fagforbundets landsmøte 2017, Oslo Kongressenter, Norway - with Solfrid Molland

27th Oct - Osafestivalen, Voss, Norway (at 20.00) - with Juhani Silvola

28th Oct - Osafestivalen, Voss, Norway (at 15.30) - with Juhani Silvola


12th Nov - Tøyen Kirke, Oslo - Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt & Summers/Silvola/Kvam

18th Nov - Transvocale, Frankfurt a.d. Oder, Germany - with Juhani Silvola

19th Nov - Westflügel, Syke - with Juhani Silvola

22nd Nov - Die Fetzerei, Krone Alt-Hoheneck, Ludwigsburg - with Juhani Silvola

23rd Nov - Jazzaround the World Festival, Puchheim - with Juhani Silvola

24th Nov - Der Schallplattenmann, Erlangen - with Juhani Silvola

26th Nov Rupert Folkclub, Nürnberg - with Juhani Silvola

14th Dec Biermannsgården (solo improv/trad)


for download//

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 © 2017 Sarah-Jane Summers

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