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Sølvstrøk single - Number 81 - and pre-release sales

Juhani and I are so excited! We are releasing our fourth album, Sølvstrøk, on 21st April. This time, we have a team of truly fantastic musicians with us. We created our own chamber orchestra - consisting of some of Norway's leading traditional, Baroque, classical & jazz musicians - to play at Førdefestivalen 2021. Amazingly enough, we even managed to get all 14 of us into a recording studio during lockdown just before Christmas 2021.

The third single, Number 81, is coming out on Friday. Here's the presave link:

Tomorrow, the album is also available for pre-release sales, should you wish a physical copy in advance of the release. They will be posted out immediately.


Sarah-Jane Summers - fiddle

Juhani Silvola - guitar

Olav Luksengård Mjelva - fiddle

Bjørn Kåre Odde - fiddle

Kevin Henderson - fiddle

Vegar Vårdal - fiddle

Selma French Bolstad - fiddle

Erlend Viken - fiddle

Mari Giske - viola

Lise Sørensen Voldsdal - viola

Gregor Riddell - cello

Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen - cello

Ellen Brekken - double bass

Recorded at Newtone, Oslo

Mixed by Trond Kjelsås & Juhani Silvola

Mastered by Helge Sten

Label - Heilo

Cover Image - Rozemarijn Brancovich

Design - Helen Wyllie

Photo © Knut Utler


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